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Our massage therapist can give you massage therapy, which permits the muscles to relax so that you can improve mobility, and it also helps to remove muscle waste that reduces joint stiffness and pain all around the muscles. Some of the ailments that we can easily treat through a deep tissue massage or sports massage include:

  1. Back pain: Many chiropractors consider bodywork therapy to be a staple in treatment because it is so well known for its benefits for pain in the back
  2. Arthritis: According to the Arthritis Foundation, bodywork has been found effective because it helps the body make endorphins that block pain, reducing the muscle spasms
  3. Headaches: Bodywork reduces stress, which makes it less likely that you will get migraines and tension headaches
  4. Muscle pain: Athletes and other active people are known to benefit from this form of therapy as it stops sprains, strains and spasms
  5. Stress: It should come as no surprise that stress can be lowered by having bodywork since the act allows you to relax
  6. Repetitive strain injuries: Problems surfacing from tennis below or carpal tunnel can also go away with bodywork
  7. Circulation problems: The act of massaging muscle can help stimulate the flow of blood
  8. Rehabilitation: Sports massages after injuries help with rehabilitation
  9. Anxiety: As you relax from this treatment, you can treat anxiety
  10. Stiffness: As we relieve muscle knots, all of the pain and stiffness that you feel in your body will be alleviated
  11. Insomnia: A leading cause of disrupted sleep is stress, and we can help your body relax and naturally reduce stress, which induces standard sleep patterns
  12. Constipation: Studies have shown that we can naturally relieve constipation through a deep tissue massage and without chemicals that are harsh to the body
  13. Menopause: When hormone therapy isn’t enough, we can help promote relief from the symptoms
  14. Asthma: Those with asthma find that having bodywork done allows better pulmonary function.
This form of therapy works because it is non-invasive and does not use any sort of dangerous chemicals. You will never be addicted, so you can use this treatment in the long term. Your body will never resist the reaction, so it is always effective.
It also comes with a number of great benefits:

  • Less anxiety
  • Greater clarity of mind
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Greater ability to concentrate
  • Greater balance of emotions
  • Improved circulation throughout the body
There are far too many medical treatments that are not very effective or have no benefit. However, our bodywork differs because benefits are always improving. The more often you come to us, the more you will benefit.

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