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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage Venice | Mike Krasovec Massage Therapist - Deep Tissue Massage
Deep bodywork therapy is a style that goes back to ancient times. Not only this, but you can easily find record of the practice all around the world. The ancient Romans, Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians and even Native Americans all have used this form of therapy to improve how they felt physically while healing ailments and other problems. This continues to be a popular method of improving your health.

The techniques used in the practice are similar to other kinds, and we might even incorporate some of these techniques in a session if we feel that you may benefit from it. This will vary depending on each client, however.

The major difference is how much pressure we use in order to access the muscles and the sub-layer of musculature along with the connective tissues. We are looking to work these muscles rather than just your skin and your body surface in general.

Please note that, just like any form of treatment, bodywork is not designed to work on every problem and every symptom. We cannot treat every condition, but we can stop the pain of many. Chronic pain is one such condition that we are known to treat, and we can relieve the entire body even if your main problem is pain in the back.

Our objective is to help promote healing when your body has an injury. An injury can damage the surrounding muscle, which leads to pain, and our qualified therapists can help stop the pain from returning. The same is true for headaches, especially those that are due to tension in the muscles. We relax the muscle and stop the nerve pressure that causing you pain.

Athletes and those who work with heavy labor like construction workers can also benefit from our bodywork. We alleviate the exhaustion that your muscles have undergone. We can also treat pain stemming from tendinitis and arthritis.

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